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How does age affect Car Insurance Premiums?

Can I pay my Car Insurance Monthly ?

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Beware of the car Insurance Renewal Trap !

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How does age affect Car Insurance ?

It’s common knowledge that the age of a driver has a direct effect on car insurance premiums. The general rule of thumb is that the younger and more inexperienced a driver is the more they will pay for insurance. The reason for this is that statistically speaking the younger a driver is the more chance they have of being involved in an accident and claiming on their policy.

Data released by the association of British insurers has backed up this claim. The table below looks at the average premium someone pays compared to their age and the average claim made.

Age RangeAverage Claim AmountAverage Annual Premium
18 - 20£3,667£972
21 - 25£2,905£649
26 - 30£2,520£502
31 - 35£2,274£426
36 - 40£2,279£378
41 - 45£2,199£343
46 - 50£2,265£326
51 - 55£2,233£306
56 - 60£2,216£277
61 - 65 £2,180£252
66 - 70£2,225£241
71 - 75£2,495£255
76 - 80£2,572£291
81 - 85£2,886£352
86 - 90£3,690£415

The table shows that drivers aged between 18 – 20 on average pay more for their car insurance than any other group, but those drivers in the 86-90 age group make bigger claims. The reason for the higher insurance premiums for younger drivers is that on average they make more claims, therefore, they are more expensive to insure overall.

Can I pay my Car Insurance Monthly

The short answer is yes, more or less all car insurance policies will come with a pay monthly option. The pay monthly option is great for drivers who are on a tight budget as this allows them to spread the cost out over a year rather than having to save up and pay it all at once.

You should however be aware that over the course of a year monthly premiums will be a bit more expensive, it may be worth your while working out the difference and paying for the whole year upfront if you can afford it.

How does a Car Insurance Comparison Website Work ?

It’s actually really simple, at Cheap Car Insurance NI we have selected Seopa to help you get quotes for a wide range of vehicle insurance. By filling in a simple quote form you can get quotes instantly from a range of insurance providers. Just compare the quotes and select the one that is right for you. It’s that easy.

What is a Car Insurance Group

There are a total of 50 different car insurance groups and every single car on the road falls into one group or another. Each group indicates the risk factor associated with a car and the higher the risk factor the more expensive your insurance is likely to be.

The lowest risk factor group is 1 and the highest risk factor group is 50. If you are a young driver or at all concerned about the potential cost of car insurance it may be worth while checking which group a car falls into before purchasing it as this will give you a indication of potential insurance premiums.

Beware of the Car Insurance Renewal Trap !

What do you do when you receive your car insurance renewal letter each year. Perhaps you are savy with your money and don’t like to see it go to waste in this case you would check your renewal premium and then go and compare prices from other car insurance providers.

It may seem easier to simply allow your car insurance to roll over from 1 year to the next but it could be costing you and thousands of other drivers a fortune.

By using a comparison website to compare car insurance quotes you could save both time and money. A comparison website will provide you with quotes from a range of different providers allowing you to select a policy that best suits your needs.

Areas Covered in Northern Ireland !

Getting a quote is completely free all of the premiums displayed should have no extra charges added to them. Simply fill out the form, select the most suitable policy for you and then buy directly from the insurance providers website.

No matter where you live in Northern Ireland we can help to find a suitable insurance policy to suit your needs areas covered in NI include Limavady, Downpatrick, Cookstown, Castlereagh, Craigavon, Bangor, Lisburn, Belfast, Newry, Carrickfergus, Derry, Coleraine, Ballymena, Newtonards, Maghera, Banbridge, Tyrone, Armagh, Antrim, Londonderry, Lurgan, Dungannon, Strabane, Enniskillen, Larne, Down, Holywood, Omagh and  Fermanagh.