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Compare Van Insurance Quotes – Cheap Car Insurance NI

Three forms of van insurance are available on today’s market and your insurance premiums will vary depending on which product you choose.

Third Party Van Insurance

Third party van insurance is the most basic form of van insurance available and legally speaking is a minimum requirement. If you choose this type of policy you will undoubtedly receive cheaper van insurance quotes, however you will only be insured against damage to other vehicles and you will be required to fix your own van should you be in an accident and deemed to be at fault.

Third Party Fire and Theft Van Insurance

Third party fire and theft van insurance will likely be a bit more expensive than 3rd party insurance. This policy will cover you against theft and if your van is set on fire as well as everything that is covered under third party insurance.

Fully Comprehensive Van Insurance

This is the most expensive Van Insurance product of the three. In addition to everything covered under third party fire and theft you will also be insured against any damage caused to your own vehicle, you may also receive compensation if you are injured in an accident even if you are at fault.

Compare Van Insurance Online

In order to find the most suitable policy it’s important that you compare quotes from a range of different providers.

By filling in 1 simple form you can get quotes from over 20 different insurance providers all of whom operate in the NI insurance market. You can compare the price, features and benefits to help you select a policy to suit your needs.

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