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Due to their higher group rating sports car are inevitably more expensive to insure than your average car, however if any car requires a great insurance policy a sports car does. You can still find affordable insurance for a sports car it just requires you to do a little research.

What is a Sports Car ?

Sports cars are either made high performance by the manufacturer or have been heavily modified in order to increase their performance. Their powerful engines mean that they have a much higher top speed than an average car and they can reach that top speed much faster, because of this insurance companies rate these vehicles in a higher group which means insurance premiums will be more expensive.

Why are insurance premiums more expensive for Sports Cars ?

Car Insurance companies tend to assume that a sports car owner is more likely to be involved in an accident because of their cars power. Not only that but the chances are that the repair bill for a sports car will be more expensive this is because the parts are both rarer and more expensive than standard car parts.

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