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Any driver that has been convicted of drink driving is likely to receive considerably higher car insurance quotes because of their actions. Some car insurance providers may even refuse to provide a quote, there are however a number of car insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance for convicted drivers. It may be possible to arrange affordable insurance through one of these niche market insurance providers.

Some car insurance companies may look favorably upon convicted drivers who have completed a drink driving rehabilitation course, drivers who have completed such a course may be able to reduce their premiums further.

If your car insurance quotes are still unaffordable there are a few other things that you could try which may help to reduce your premiums.

  • Something as simple as storing your car in a locked garage may help to reduce the premiums.

  • Increasing Excess – Most car insurance companies will insist on a minimum compulsory excess which is the amount that you will have to pay in the event of a claim, your premiums may be reduced if you voluntarily select a higher excess.

  • Third Party or third party fire and theft insurance is likely to be cheaper than fully comprehensive insurance however if you choose third party insurance you will not be covered for damage to yourself or your own vehicle should you be at fault.

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