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Compare Classic Car Insurance Quotes – Cheap Car Insurance NI

Before choosing a classic car insurance policy you should be aware that classic car insurance is very different from regular car insurance, there will undoubtedly be various restrictions and limitations that should be carefully considered when choosing a policy.

Some restrictions/limitations are listed below :

Distance Restrictions for Classic Cars

The majority of classic car insurance providers will impose a strict limit as to the number of miles you may drive in the car each year, this may be around 7,500 miles but you should check this with your insurance provider before purchasing your policy.

Storage and Protection for Classic Car Insurance

Some insurance providers may require you to have a suitable place to store your classic car in order to protect it from environmental damage.

Age and Driving History of Owner

Many insurance companies will require the driver to be at least 25 years of age before providing classic car insurance quotes.

Age of Classic Car

Criteria may vary from one insurer to the next but typically most insurers will require a car to be at leats 20 years old before it is considered a classic car.